Plate Base-20-vs

The base-20-VS is made of Steel
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Shanghai China (Mainland) Brand Name: pdyear  
Type: Other Net Weight/pcs: 5,10,15 KG  
5kg(plate):44x44x8cm;(bear)30x16x15cm 10kg(plate):44x44x8cm;(bear)30x16x15cm 15kg(plate):44x44x8cm;(bear)30x16x15cm
Plate:4Pcs/carton/20kg ;(bear) 50Ppcs/carton/20kg Plate:1Pcs/carton/9.5kg ;(bear) 50Pcs/carton/20kg Plate:1Pcs/carton/15kg ;(bear) 50Pcs/carton/20kg


The base-20-VS is made of Steel ,net weight is : 5,10,15kg ,20 pcs top in one big carton,1pcs plate in one carton.

very durable but with cheap price
And the base every one has an axletree ,so the flag can rotate very freely .



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